The Film Zine: Call For Submissions

We are creating an audio-visual publication and we need your help! We are looking for films, videos, photographs, audio, art, poetry, prose, and just about anything creative! We want to emphasise the audio-visual so while poetry and prose are accepted, we highly recommend poetry and prose readings (either filmed or just audio) to accompany the text. See below a breakdown of each category and the submission guidelines.


Films: Films of up to 20 minutes in length can be submitted. These can be traditional films, filmed drama pieces, music videos, short snippets of your life etc. Please submit as a Youtube link (public or unlisted). 

Photographs/Artwork: Please include the title of the piece.

Audio: Any forms of audio such as soundscapes, music, poetry, or prose readings can be submitted. Please include the title of the piece.

Poetry: Poetry can be submitted as a .doc or .docx. Brownie points for poetry readings.

Prose: Prose can be submitted as a .doc or .docx. Brownie points for prose readings. Max. 2000 words.

Cover art: Cover art is not limited to traditional cover art but can entail videos or an interactive piece. The world is your oyster but please include the words ‘The Film Scene’ somewhere in your piece. If you are submitting a video as cover art, we request that it is no longer than a minute.

Submission guidelines:

  1. All material must be original, and you must own the rights to submit it.
  2. The deadline is the 21th April 2021 at 23:55 PM.
  3. Email your submission to with the subject line SUBMISSION: FILM/PHOTOGRAPH/POETRY READING etc. Multiple submissions in each category are allowed but please send as separate emails. If you are interested in submitting cover art, please include SUBMISSION: COVER ART in the subject line.
  4. Please submit films and videos as a Youtube link (unlisted or public is fine).
  5. Include a short bio about yourself and feel free to include any websites that promote you or your art (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc).
  6. Please include a brief description of your submission.
  7. Material that has been self-published (on Youtube, Vimeo etc.) is accepted.
  8. This will be in the public domain so be aware of the implications that may have upon entering your work into festivals.
  9. You will always maintain all rights to your work.
  10. Films that have previously been submitted to The Film Scene are accepted.
  11. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a contribution fee at the moment.
  12. Please include any content warnings in the body of your email. The editor is only human.